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Sloped ceiling mounted 50” plasma located in a Beverly Hills kindergarten classroom.

Ceiling suspended 50” plasma in Beverly Hills kindergarten classroom. Hefner Electric has years of experience in structural ceiling installation techniques.

Located in a Southern California school district adult education classroom. Installation in this room required special measuring as the room was not square, but had varying curved walls and angles.


Southern California defense contractor security room with ceiling mounted projector and recessed ceiling screen.

Hefner Electric installed the equipment in the Fortune 500 auto manufacturer’s “Situation Room”. This room is used during emergencies where all forms of media and communication are available at one location during a crisis.

● Hydrel Lighting an Acuity Brands Company Sylmar, California


When Hydrel Lighting in Sylmar, California needed to create a multi use multimedia room, they came to Hefner Electric for design and installation. Working with Scott Sorenson, Marketing Director of Hydrel Lighting, Scott and Jim reviewed what was required for this multi use show room, training room, and meeting room.

Jim Hefner and Company designed the room with easy push-button control, and a self contained multi use podium. This podium housed all the audio/video equipment, and PC computer, VCR/DVD combo unit and provision for a Guest laptop connection. The control system selected was Extron’s Media Link Controller with IP capabilities. This controller not only provides pushbutton selection of inputs, volume control, and VCR/DVD controls, but it also was connected to Hydrel’s network so that support and monitoring of the room use, and projector status is available anywhere in the facility 24 hours a day.

Private Residence Plasma Install

Hefner Electric received a call for a complicated installation of a 103” plasma to be installed on Venetian plaster above a fireplace. It had several major obstacles that needed to be overcome to make the installation a success. The well appointed architecture and furnishings in this Southern California mansion were of the highest quality, and extra care and safety would be required to complete the installation.

Electrical Circuit
The installation would require installing a 220 volt power source behind the plasma, with no access available. The customer did not want anyone cutting and patching into his expensive Venetian plaster. The electrical panels in the home were in no way convenient to get to. The Hefner Electric crew spent 2 full days deciphering a path on how the circuit could be achieved. A wall speaker was removed adjacent to the plasma location, and electrical cabling was fished into the crawl space below the plasma. This cable was then extended through three separate crawl spaces to the wine cellar crawl space. At this point the cabling was fished up the wine cellar refrigerant line chimney into the attic. A junction box was installed, and a conduit entry was made into a 2nd floor laundry room electrical panel. The electrical work took a total of 3 ½ days to complete without any walls being opened, damaged, or patched.

Plasma Mount Installation
The physical mounting of the plasma mount and the installation of the plasma had several obstacles to be overcome. The walls were of a very expensive Venetian plaster that was prone to cracking. The existing installation of a 52” plasma had produced sizable cracks adjacent to the mounting holes installed by the previous contractor.

Jim Hefner researched his options for this type of installation and chose a two part chemical anchor method. ½” diameter holes were drilled into the solid filled block wall construction behind the plaster. 4 additional 3/8” holes were drilled for conventional wedge anchors. These 4 wedge anchors were used to temporarily hold the mount on the wall before the chemical anchors were able to support the load.

After vacuuming of the dust and debris, 3/8 threaded rod were chemically epoxyed into the ½” holes. They were allowed to set up for 24 hours and fully cure. After curing, the 10 epoxy threaded bolts were torqued to specification and were no ready for the display installation.

Temporary Floor Platform
Special consideration was made for the expensive hardwood floors as well as the very expensive fireplace hearth and woodworking. Jim built a 2 x 4 sub-frame, and placed ¾” plywood over the framing. Large drop cloths and ¼” masonite sheeting were placed over the plywood. This produced a work platform that was above the hearth surface and provided a level and smooth platform for the lift to roll over. The plasma weighs 485 pounds and is quite difficult to move when loaded on a lifting mechanism.

Custom Lift Mechanism
Lifting a 50” x 90” flat panel display weighing nearly 500 pounds will require some special handling procedures.

Jim elected to utilize his rigging skills as well as his expertise from owning a webbing strap business. A lifting frame constructed out of uni-strut was placed on top of a heavy duty genie lift. The Genie Lift front outrigger legs had to be removed as they would hit the back of the fireplace before the plasma would be against the wall. Jim installed lengths of uni-strut into the lift and placed furniture mover skids under the ends of the uni-strut. This would allow the lift to move smoothly along the masonite flooring. A piece of 3/8" plywood was cut and placed on the lift for the plasma to sit on. Shipping blankets were placed over the uni-strut frame to protect the surface of the plasma.


Lifting of the Plasma

The plasma was placed on the lift and secured with lashing straps as well as ratchet straps. A total of 6 people were used to lift the plasma and position it on its’ mounts. The lift was slowly elevated, stopping every few feet to check the load. The lift continued until fully installed on its’ mounts.


Plasma installed, and the primary installation team……

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